KOVA STUDIO is unique in our offering, and as a team have proven that traditional, landscape architecture can be delivered differently. Our highly skilled team is made of specialists who lead projects in private residential gardens // health, commercial and education // play and recreation.
We take to each new project with curiosity and open minds. We work collaboratively with our
clients to help them achieve their vision. In addition, we draw on years of expertise to design unique
landscapes that will leave a lasting legacy.
Emotional intelligence is a quality we lead with: in working with others, and in making design decisions that turn a garden into a home, or a place of routine into a space of inspiration, comfort or character. This considered approach is the unifying thread that makes every KOVA de sign evoke a sense of individuality and joy.
You will love working with KOVA if you are seeking the unique, whether it’s a natural play space that lights up the imagination, an outdoor environment that intuitively supports health, a landscape that elevates your customer experience, or simply, a sanctuary you look forward to coming home to.
Let us create that for you


Each landscape architect or designer at KOVA aims to satisfy a client’s needs by creating individual, innovative and functional outdoor spaces, which are in harmony with the environment, complementing the surrounding architecture. By taking a fresh approach to each new project, and carefully balancing function with aesthetics, we create spaces that people love to be in. With KOVA’s Landscape Designs, there is no such thing as ‘standard’; every landscape solution is bespoke, created only for that client project. By sourcing materials and features from a wide range of suppliers, both locally and around the world, we ensure that each finished project is one of a kind. KOVA Landscape Designs has full public liability and professional indemnity insurance.